Yurun Hanyuelou Welcomed “Dream Master” Katzenberg

       “Passing through Anhui Showplace, Looking for Dreams at Huangshan Hanyuelou”. On June 13, 2013, Mr. Katzenberg, the CEO of American Dream Factory, visited the Huangshan Yurun Hanyuelou Hotel, and had an intensive communication with Zhu Yicai, Chairman of Yurun Group, on related cooperation.

       Accompanied by the Chairman, Mr. Katzenberg and his escorts successively visited the extremely representative scenic spots like Huangshan Yurun Hanyuelou Goose Pagoda, Yinyue Bridge, and Ancient Stage. They were full of praise for the buildings replete with Anhui’s local special characteristics and perfectly integrated into each area of the hotel, such as Three Kinds of Carving in Anhui Style, the Beauty Couch, and the Courtyard, as well as the exquisite garden landscape structure of “one scenery every three steps, and one painting every five steps”.

       At the hotel’s Xingyun Teahouse, Mr. Katzenberg tried out with interest the moves like “rinsing the pot with hot water”, “ rinsing from an elevated pot”, “ bathing the immortal twice”, “spring breeze stroking the face”, “three noddings of phoenix” one by one following the demonstration of the tea ceremony expositor, and experienced China’s traditional tea culture in the environment surrounded by lofty mountains and flowing water.

       DreamWorks is a major film studio which ranks amongst the top ten in America, and develops, produces, and distributes films, video games, and television programs. It has produced or distributed classical animations “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, and “Kung Fu Panda”, and such famous live-action films as “A Beautiful Mind”, “American Beauty”, “Gladiator” and “Saving Private Ryan”. In addition, “The Croods”, a hot show of every cinema at present, is also produced by DreamWorks.

       Related persons in charge of DreamWorks, and Mr. Song Hongjun, vice president of the Group, joined the visit, and participated in informal discussion and communication.