Wang Yang, Member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, and Vice Premier of the State Council, Surveyed Yurun

       On July 19, 2013, Wang Yang, a member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, and vice premier of the State Council, accompanied by Zhang Yong, director general of the State Food and Drug Administration, and others, visited and surveyed Yurun Group, enquired Yurun’s production operation and development, held an intensive communication with Yurun Group’s chairman Zhu Yicai on how to do a good job in real economy and food safety, and listened to the enterprise’s opinions and suggestions. Luo Zhijun (secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee), Li Xueyong (provincial governor), Mao Weiming (vice provincial governor), Yang Weize (secretary of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee) and Ji Jianye (mayor), as well as Zhu Yiliang (president of Yurun Group) and Li Shibao (president of Food Group), accompanied the survey.

       During the survey, Wang Yang showered praises on Yurun after seeing the slogan “you trust because we care” at the workshop, “It’s well said”. He spoke highly of the chairman Zhu Yicai for bringing forward this core business concept 20 years ago, and of Yurun for controlling food safety from the headstream. He emphasized that, food safety is related to people’s vital interest as well as local economic development and social harmony & stability, and the responsibility was even weightier than Mount Tai. We should accelerate promoting the reform of local food and drug supervision and management system, strictly fulfill each party’s responsibilities, comprehensively strengthen guarantee measures, put forth effort to construct a public governance pattern of “enterprise’s self-discipline, government supervision, social coordination and public participation”, and gather the resultant forces for jointly maintaining food safety.

       He added that, “under the present complicated situations that the pressure increases for economic growth downturn, it has great significance to well control food and drug safety for stabilizing growth, adjusting structure and promoting transformation. The food and drug industries are the people’s livelihood industries and never-fading sunrise industries. If only the quality is guaranteed and the safety is trustworthy, there will be very great demand potentials and market space. For large provinces of food and drug industries, well controlled product quality and safety is just equal to grasping the decisive occasion for structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and laying a foundation for economic growth.”

       During the visit, Wang Yang spoke favorably of Yurun for placing product quality and safety at the first place, fulfilling management specifications strictly, and implementing enterprise’s social responsibilities in earnest. Before leaving, he encouraged Yurun to continuously play the leading and guiding roles as a large enterprise in food safety work, and to make new contributions to the healthy development of China’s food industry.