Yurun Group Received the Second Prize of the National Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement 2003

       In the forenoon of Jan. 10, 2014, the National Science and Technology Award Conference 2013 was held solemnly at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. For the project “The Innovation and Application of the Key Technologies and Equipment for Quality Control of Cooled Meat” jointly completed with Professor Zhou Guanghong’s Research Group of Nanjing Agricultural University, Yurun Group won the Second Prize of the National Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement.

       The awarded project, after nearly 20 years of research, has systematically developed the research & development and application of the key technologies and equipment for quality control of cooled meat, and made important progress in terms of quality formation and changed the rules for cooled meat, as well as the research and development of key technologies and equipment for quality control of cooled meat.

       Yurun Group has researched and developed the key equipment for chilled meat processing like stomach-lift three-point electric stunner, condensing steam scalding tunnel machine, and tunnel-type continuous pig carcass dehairer, set the related standards for chilled meat processing, promoted and applied the complete set of techniques for heterogeneous meat control, bacteria reduction through spraying of lactic acid, cooling through atomized spray, and grading of which,the stomach-lift three-point electric stunner researched and developed by Yurun Group reaches the advanced international level in terms of performance indexes; the condensing steam scalding tunnel machine and the tunnel-type continuous pig carcass dehairer initially create the tunnel structure with guide plate, integrate multi-point temperature online monitoring technique, may realize automatic adjustment of the speed, direction and temperature of humid-hot air flow and multi-set integration in series, and meet the performance indexes of similar international equipment, obviously better than similar domestic products; the supporting device horizontal suspension conveyor meets the level of similar international products in terms of performance indexes. Through integration and assembly of key slaughtering equipment, Yurun has formed a 600 pigs/hour large-scale compound tunnel dehairing and live pig slaughtering line. At present, 19 sets of equipment have been put into the production of Yurun Group. This set of slaughtering line is priced at 60% of similar foreign equipment, and can save one-off investment by around RMB10 million/ set under the same production capacity and quality. At present, the technique and equipment have been comprehensively applied in Yurun Group, and have brought about obvious economic and social benefits.