Yurun Talent Strategy

“Seven Optimization Method” is to evaluate in a quantified way the seven dimensionalities “performance, experience, record, morality, education, popular will, and competition recruitment”, in order to guarantee the fairness, objectivity, and justice of talent selection.

Seven-Optimization Method

    Seven-Optimization Method is the core of the Company’s talent mechanism, and is the summary and abstract of the Company’s working experiences in terms of talent selection and utilization over the past years. The Company has kept improving and perfecting the seven-optimization method over the past years. At present, the selection and evaluation criterion of the seven-optimization method has transformed from originally giving priority to qualitative evaluation to quantitative scoring, and by regulating the detailed rules for quantitative scoring, this method guarantees the fairness, objectivity and justice of talent selection. The detailed rules for scoring of each dimensionality of the seven-optimization method are as follows:


(1)Performance: total 51 scores; the score shall be calculated as per candidates’ like-for-like performance, which is compulsively divided into four grades A(20%), B(30%), C(40%), and D(10%).

(2)Experience: total 10 scores; the score shall be checked and verified according to candidates’ working seniority and work experience. In case of promotion, cadres shall have working experiences of more than two (included) inferior-level related posts.

(3)Record: Total 10 scores, including financial record, violation record, work attendance check record, and honor record. In case related records appear, the score shall be deducted or added according to regulations.

(4)Morality: One-vote veto system. Anybody involved in infraction of law, corruption, abuse of power for personal gains shall not be promoted; anybody not showing filial obedience to their parents or not loyal to marriage shall not be promoted; anybody seriously violating the Company’s rules and regulations, or being given administrative punishments like recording a demerit and more serious punishments shall not be promoted in one year; and anybody forging their education background, resume, invoices or related materials shall not be promoted in one year.

(5)Education: Total 10 scores. Corresponding score shall be determined according to the five levels graduates with doctor’s degree, graduates with master’s degree, graduates with bachelor’s degree, graduates with junior college background, and graduates with senior high school background (graduates with technical secondary school background). The score of full-time education background is higher than the corresponding score of non-full-time education background.

(6)Popular will: Total 10 scores, including leaders’ recommendations and public recommendations, accounting for 5 scores respectively. The score shall be calculated as per the number of recommendation votes obtained by candidates and the number of recommenders, and the score shall be 0 if the votes obtained are less than 50%.

(7)Competition recruitment: Total 9 scores. The score shall be determined according to the ranking of competition recruitment results. The person ranking the last place for his competition recruitment result shall not be employed in principle, but if he ranks the first place for like-for-like result, he may be particularly reported for employment.