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Central Emporium
Shanghai Stock Exchange:600280

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Nanjing Central Emporium (Group) Co., Ltd., established in 1936, is a time-honored commercial enterprise controlled by Yurun Group. Now, the Company has grown into a large commercial group and an A-share listed company (stock code: 600280) featured by co-existence of multiple business forms and cross-regional operation. It has 8 chain department stores, 3 warehousing supermarkets, and more than 2,000,000m2 commercial real estate development projects, and ranks a leading place in the domestic industry for its core competitiveness like scale, benefit, and management. At present, the Company has a total business operation area of more than 400,000m2 wherein, the central store located at Nanjing Xinjiekou Business Circle covers a business operation area of more than 60,000m2, coming first on the list of single stores in Eastern China. The Company has obtained the honorable titles such as “National Demonstrative Store of 10,000 Stores without Counterfeit Products in 100 Cities”, “National User-Satisfied Service Enterprise”, “China Time-Honored Brand”, “China Meritorious Enterprise over the 30 Years after the Reform and Opening to the Outside World of Commercial Service Industry”, and “National Harmonious Commercial enterprise”. It is also one of the national first commercial enterprises passing the authentication of ISO9001:2000 Quality System. In the “rating” activity developed by the Ministry of Commerce, the Company was titled as one of the “Jinding Famous Department Store”. In 2012, the Group Company realized sales of more than RMB10 billion, wherein, the central store in Xinjiekou realized sales of RMB4 billion.

Yurun Food
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited:1068

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China Yurun Food Group Co., Ltd. (Yurun Food 1068.HK), as one of the largest meat products manufacturing enterprises in China, mainly manufactures chilled fresh pork and frozen meat, as well as low-temperature and high-temperature meat products with pork as the main raw material. Now, it has four brands, Yurun, Wangrun, Furun, and Dazhong Roulian.

Headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, the Group has multiple production bases of chilled fresh pork and frozen meat, as well as the production base of intensively-processed meat products. The Group owns advanced production equipment and techniques, and has researched and developed a series of high-quality products meeting consumers’ taste by dint of its unique technical methods.

The Group owns top-ranking brands, network-based production bases, stable and high-efficiency supply chain, broad marketing channels, and powerful ability to research and develop new products in Mainland China. Looking forward to the future, the Group will continuously grasp the market opportunity that the consumption structure in China’s large- and medium-scale cities is being upgraded constantly, and further strengthen the market orientation of “being healthy, high-quality, delicious, and high-grade” and the image of its brands by advertising through mainstream media, in order to powerfully push forward the fast growth of its low-temperature meat products and chilled fresh pork businesses. Under the background that China’s meat products industry is constantly integrated and develops towards the direction of large scale and intensification, the Group will further raise the production capacity of upstream and downstream businesses by flexible means of acquisition, construction and expansion, and strive at promoting industrial upgrading, technical innovation and perfecting the construction of service system, in order to lay a solid foundation for meeting the fast-growing market demand at the next stage. In addition, the Group will focus on strengthening the research and development of products with high added value, intensify the marketing in medium- and high-end markets, develop new markets constantly, and raise the extent and depth of market coverage.