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  • In 2009, the State Council issued the Planning for Adjustment and Development of Logistics Industry, aiming to vigorously develop the modern logistics of agricultural and sideline products, realize the direct sale and distribution of agricultural products from the point of production to the point of sales, effectively reduce intermediate sections, and enhance circulation efficiency. This has great significance for accelerating the industrialization, standardization and modernization of agriculture. Actively complying with the general national situations, Yushun has expanded the fields of service for “agriculture, peasants, and countryside”, and taken the logistics of agricultural and sideline products as another dominant industry of transformation development.

    At present, Yurun Logistics has distributed in regional centers like Xi’an, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan and Changchun, and created the global procurement center integrating the five functional blocks, such as exhibition transaction, processing and warehousing, logistics distribution, comprehensive service, and supporting commercial facilities. It has also established the Agricultural and Sideline Products Logistics Distribution Center in Suiyang, Anshan, Zhongshan, and Chifeng.

    Taking “direct supply, direct sales, terminal distribution, electronic settlement and national chain as the core operating guidelines, Yurun Logistics carries out cross-time-space, cross-region, and standardized transaction, has realized seamless connection and safety source tracing of procurement, supply and sales, and become the mainstay for guaranteeing the supply of agricultural products at each place, stabilizing market price, and promoting the adjustment of agricultural industry structure!

    In the upcoming 5 years, according to “333” development planning, Yurun Logistics will establish Yurun Global Procurement Center of Agricultural Products in 30 provincial capital cities, Yurun Agricultural Products Logistics Distribution Center in 300 prefecture-level cities, and Demonstrative Agricultural Products Production Base in 3,000 collecting areas of agricultural products resources, becoming the largest global provider of agricultural products logistics facilities and services.

    Ranking the First 3 Places among the Top 50 Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises
    On Dec. 20-21, 2013, the 6th Annual Conference of China Cold Chain Logistics Industry sponsored by China Cold Chain Logistics Alliance was held in Beijing, with the attendance of more than 600 enterprisers from all over the country. Themed on “Trans-boundary Cold Chain and Cold Chain Crossing”...
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    Ranking the First 3 Places among the Top 50 Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises