Address of the Chairman

With a Dream, We Will Have a Better Future

This is the 21st year after Yurun’s foundation, and the start of the third decade when Yurun provides services for you. May you have a better life with the companionship of Yurun!

Just as the origin of “Yurun” ---  “Diving into the Night with the Wind and silent nourishing substances”, full of hope and profound meanings, we expect the shadow of Yurun exists by the side of your family members, in your friends’ mouths, and near your work. We will provide you with the best products and services with a heart every day, silently, but exerting influences  subconsciously, just like the spring rain moistening the ground. We will surely keep our commitmentsand do a better job!

In this society full of competition, nothing could move people easily, except by sincerity and responsibility. In this environment where only the fittest survives, nothing can remain youthful forever, except by reform and innovation. Yurun, with a development history of 20 years, is still young in comparison with the centuries-old stores having ever-green foundations. We don’t have the qualification to maintain the existing achievements, or the space to spend lavishly. What we have is only the long way to go for making improvements and secondary entrepreneurship. We will always do our best to create the top-quality life for you with the dream of innovation, a sincere attitude, and the faith of developing ourselves and seeking to develop others.

Today, Yurun is different from what it was at the early stage of entrepreneurship. After undergoing the most golden 20 years since China’s reform and opening to the outside world, Yurun has realized a thorough transformation and growth in the flourishing tide of private economy. Today, Yurun is not only a brand, but also a life style, involving every aspect of your life. We are dedicated toindustries involving all aspects of people’s livelihood,  a produce good products, provide meticulous services, and  create possibilities with a heart  to meetyour life’s needs.

“Food” in Yurun. As a pioneer of low-temperature meat products in China, and a navigator of modern logistics of agricultural products, we abide by the criterion that “You trust because we care”, and create a macro-environment of safe food consumption and circulation which makes you feel assured, relieved and comfortable in a conscientious, strict, and diligent way.

“Shelter” in Yurun. It’s the unrelenting pursuit of Yurun Real Estate to create a high-quality “home” for you and your family with five-star buildings and five-star services.

“Clothing” in Yurun. The Central Emporium, a time-honored brand in China, has renewed its youth and shown a new appearance in the big family of Yurun, and it will provide for you wholeheartedly a one- stop shopping experience and amenity of life.

“Tourism” in Yurun. With thefive-star hotel group, six-star Hanyuelou Villa Court of Anhui Style, and industries arranged at the foot of mountains and by the side of streams, Yurun International Tourism Resort is the best place for you and your family to return to nature and enjoy leisure.

“Play” in Yurun. Yurun has made great efforts to create the third-generation urban business complex integrating the functions like a five-star hotel, grade-A office building, large shopping center, international fitness center, international cinema line, animation and entertainment city, theatre, concert hall, skating rink, and food block, etc. Here, you may “play” wonderfully to your heart’s content .

“Insurance” in Yurun. Li’an Life Insurance, which was established with Yurun as the sponsor and the first largest stockholder, always stands by the operation philosophy of “customer supreme, steady operation, innovative development, and value orientation”, and provides the most considerate insurance guarantee and wealth management services for you with all its strength.

Of course, a product, no matter how good it is, will surely be a flash in the pan if it does not have consumers’ affirmation and public praise; and a company, no matter how large it is, will surely not be prosperous forever if deviating from the “people based” tenet and faith. We can only spur ourselves constantly, reflect on ourselves three times a day whether we have made innovations, kept our promises, and satisfied consumers’ demands, do a good job with heart everyday, and thus make products cheaper and better, make customers’ experience warmer and more comfortable, and make your life more wonderful for the existence of Yurun. Striving for excellence and perfection is just the eternal driving force for our growth.

So, at such a new starting point, we need your encouragement and support. We exist, just because of you. In such an age of advocating innovation, we need to braze a way through all manners of obstacles and keep going forward; and with your trust, we will proceed without hesitation. We are always  prompted by a power to grow , a power from you, and from everybody beside you. Thank you for your trust and support in the past. We will do a better job!

With dreams, we can look forward to the future, have endless power, and create a beautiful life. We wish you happiness and good health, and may your dream come true!

Chairman of Yurun Group: